Privacy policy



This document covers how we manage and protect the personal information we collect in the course of our daily activities. It explains how we collect, use, store and secure this data. This policy includes standards and guidelines for managing data, regardless of format or location. In other words, our priority is to ensure the confidentiality and protection of personal information, and this policy reflects our commitment to this.

Our goal is:

To ensure respect for the privacy of individuals and the security of personal information held by CLC. Establish standards and principles regarding the exchange of information both inside and outside CLC premises


These standards are addressed and apply to Directors, Administrators, staff members, interns, volunteers as well as all other people working or present in our different locations

Responsible person : The Director General is responsible for the protection of personal information. He ensures that these standards are respected by other members of staff.

Privacy & Security

Protection of personal information: CLC is committed to protecting users’ personal information and strictly controlling how this information is used and shared. If a third party requests access to your personal information, we will not share that information unless you explicitly give us permission or we are legally required to do so. If we are required by law to share your personal information, we will notify you in advance, unless the law prevents us from doing so.

Nno sell, no marketing, not rental : CLC does not sell or rent customers' personal information to third parties. In other words, the information is not used for marketing and sales purposes.

Consent required: When you make online purchases on the secure site of or in one of our stores, we ask for your name, postal address, email and telephone number, while asking you if you would like to receive our special offers. If you make a purchase online and you accept, please check the box corresponding to the question. In store, please say “yes” to the bookseller who assists you. We store all your information securely. However, you are free not to provide this personal information, but doing so may restrict your access to some of our services, such as placing orders for particular titles.

Personalization of Services: : The information you provide during your interactions with our Services is used to manage your account, process your orders, and contact you if you have special orders. We also adapt them to meet the specific needs of certain customers.

Data access: Access to your information is reserved exclusively for duly authorized employees, and only within the limits of their responsibilities. You can request access to your personal information at any time.

Right to erasure of personal data: We undertake to delete your personal data from our systems if you request it.. If you no longer wish to receive our advertisements or close your account, you must contact CLC customer service directly, by telephone at the following numbers 514-933-9466, 1-877-222-4253 or by email

Security : It is possible to browse our website without having to provide personal information. However, if you provide personal information, It is strongly recommended to browse safe sites. By checking the URL in your browser's address bar and looking for the security symbol, such as a Chains, you can quickly determine if the site uses the protocol HTTPS, . Which reinforces the security, confidentiality and authenticity of your online transactions. This practice is strongly recommended to protect your data and your Internet browsing experience to ensure the security, privacy and authenticity of your online interactions.

Failure to store credit card data : CLC assures you that it does not keep your credit card information internally. This data is managed and processed by a third-party payment processing company: Shopify, who is responsible for protecting them. Users are encouraged to consult the privacy policy of this company to learn more about the management of personal data:

No security system is foolproof : Despite CLC's efforts to protect and secure personal data, no security system is perfect. There is always a certain degree of risk associated with possible unauthorized disclosure of data. This risk may arise from technical failures, programming errors or other unforeseen incidents.

Measures in the event of a data breach : In the event of a data breach or potential compromise of personal data, we advise you to take several actions, including immediately changing your  online account password, checking your computer or device for software malicious, determining the origin of the violation. You should also contact us so that we can take appropriate action, including reporting to the relevant authorities.

Personal responsibility: We encourage you to be aware of these security considerations when using the CLC Site. By taking active steps to secure your personal data and responding quickly if something goes wrong, we can help minimize the consequences in the event of a data breach.

All in all, when you use CLC services, your activities and your privacy are protected by rules. These rules cover litigation, conflict resolution, and the laws of Quebec. If you are concerned about the protection of your personal information, you can contact us by email: info@clccanada.caand we are committed to addressing your concerns satisfactorily. Due to constant developments, we may change our privacy policy in the future, but they do not reduce the protection of your personal data already collected without your prior consent. Your previously collected data will remain protected according to the rules in force at the time of their collection.