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CLC international

With a dedicated team of more than 750 people, CLC International operates 170 bookstores, 18 distribution centers and 20 publishing houses in 49 countries.

Since its very beginnings, CLC has been established in Western Europe and North America. Since then, we have spread, particularly to countries refractory to the gospel such as Eastern Europe (Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Belarus, Russia) in the Muslim world (Pakistan, Indonesia, Central Asia) and the regions of Hindu and Buddhist traditions (India, Burma, Korea). We are also present in the three Americas, South East Asia, Oceania and several African countries.

The least apparent aspect of our mission is the funds we provide for overseas development through our international office. We seek to reach and serve Christian communities with difficult access to literature. So, for example, CLC International has opened in recent years a bookstore in Moscow and a warehouse in Belarus and another in East Africa. There is also continued grant support to our bookstores in Africa and the Caribbean. More recently we opened a first CLC bookstore in Paraguay.

More than 90% of our CLC missionaries are workers in their country.

Discover how God can use you in a partnership with the CLC according to your talents and your availability: full-time worker, part-time or as a volunteer, specialist in Christian literature or music, administrator or member of the board of directors, in Canada or in overseas service.

Today there are more than 2 billion people who, during their entire lives, will not have access to a Bible or an evangelical document, written in their own language and at an affordable price. Most often it is simply the lack of a Christian bookstore accessible to them.

This situation is all the more deplorable when we know that “More than half of born-again Christians around the world say that literature played a role in their conversion. » This is what Patrick Johnstone, author of Flashes sur le Monde, says.

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