Vous êtes plus fort que vous ne croyez

You are stronger than you believe

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Moving from an existence based on fear to a freedom built around faith is a journey that takes time and courage . Remaining terrified and insignificant may seem comfortable, but harnessing strength and determination opens our eyes to the intensity of God's goodness like never before.

In You're Stronger Than You Think , Patsy's humor sparkles as she answers the question she's often asked – how did you overcome the fears that weighed you down? At the same time, it helps the reader to face his anxieties , his disappointments and his heredity and to see the value he has in the eyes of God.

Through its honest and intimate insights into a heart transformed by the power of hope, this book is a guide on the path to self-discovery ...and all that God has in store for you.

ISBN: 9782847002904