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What if God united you for your spiritual growth rather than your personal happiness?

Another book on “the ideal marriage”? Not so sure ! The author throws a wrench into the pond of our thirst for personal fulfillment. His thesis: consider marriage the best life discipline.

It directs your couple – young or experienced – towards the gift of self: as Jesus gave his life for his bride, the Church.

It encourages you, in turmoil or not, to persevere in honoring God and setting an example for future generations. Many marriages would succeed if the spouses strengthened their vision: that of an alliance with the holy God, intended to manifest his glory.

This book, enriched with practical examples, questions your place and your responsibility in the couple and in your relationship with God.

Gary Thomas has already written numerous books on marriage. He teaches at the Portland seminary (USA). Married and father of three children, Gary is also an athlete who has already run eight marathons to date.

Contents :

  • Dedication
  • Thanks
  1. The biggest challenge in the world
    A call to holiness more than to happiness
  2. Finding God in your relationship
    Marriage Analogies and Biblical Truths
  3. Learn to love
    How marriage teaches us to love
  4. Holy honor
    Marriage teaches us to respect others
  5. The embrace of the soul
    A quality marriage promotes quality prayer
  6. The purification of marriage
    How Marriage Reveals Our Sin
  7. The sacred history
    Building the Spiritual Discipline of Perseverance
  8. The sacred fight
    Allowing difficulties to make us stronger
  9. Falling forward
    Marriage teaches us to forgive
  10. Make me a servant
    Marriage can develop in us a servant's heart
  11. A holy sexuality
    A sexuality that promotes spiritual growth and character development
  12. The sacred presence
    Marriage can make us more aware of the presence of God
  13. The sacred mission
    Marriage in the service of our call
  • Epilogue: The holy couple
  • Questions: To discuss and reflect
  • Notes

ISBN: 9782910246556