Living a Cross-Centered Life

Living a Cross-Centered Life

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Would you like to rediscover a passionate love for Jesus Christ? Go back to basics, to the basis of your faith: the cross. At the cross, the deepest truths of Calvary will awaken in you a passion for Jesus that will not fade afterward.

Never give up, never move on. CJ Mahaney will show you in this book how to center your daily life on the life-giving reality of the Gospel and how to escape the trap of legalism, condemnation, and a faith primarily driven by emotions.

One fundamental reality, countless fundamental changes.

CJ Mahaney is the senior pastor of Covenant Life, a thriving congregation of 2,500 members on the Maryland coast of Washington. Mahaney is a dynamic preacher who preaches to thousands of people each year at conferences around the world. He directs Sovereign Grace Ministries, an organization that supports the planting of more than fifty congregations in North and South America, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

“We must never go beyond the message of the cross. CJ Mahaney applies this truth in a powerful, yet very engaging way. This is a book for all Christians, and I am delighted to recommend it. »
Jerry Bridges , author of The Pursuit of Holiness and Trusting God even when life hurts

“By his life as well as his writings, CJ Mahaney never ceased to bring me back to the cross. Because of his valuable ministry, I am more attached to Christ. »
John Piper , author of The Pleasures of God

“Every Timothy needs a Paul. CJ Mahaney is mine...and this book contains the message of his life. This is my guide to living a cross-centered life. Read it, and let God reframe your life. »
Joshua Harris , pastor and author of I Kissed Dating Goodbye

“My friend CJ Mahaney is passionate about Jesus. He lives a life centered on the cross, and is therefore qualified to speak about it. Let CJ Mahaney show you the transforming power of the gospel. You will be enlivened...and deeply grateful for God's grace. »
Randy Alcorn , author of The Treasure Principle

“This practical Bible book, written by a wise and godly man, has helped me and others to overcome wrong ways of thinking about our daily lives as Christians and to focus on the perfect work of Christ on the cross . »
Wayne Grudem , Biblical and Theological Research Professor, Phoenix Seminary, Scottsdale, AZ

Contents :

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  1. The climax and the key
  2. The divine order
  3. Understand the mystery
  4. The divine dilemma
  5. Divine help
  6. Look at the cut
  7. Your face in the crowd
  8. The cry of the damned
  9. What God understands
  10. Confidence and joy
  11. Breaking the yoke of legalism
  12. Free from any conviction
  13. The day centered on the cross
  14. Don't move on
  • Special thanks
  • Notes

ISBN: 9782895761242