One faith, arguments

One faith, arguments

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Apologetics for all

The Christian faith is attacked in different ways. It is said to be outdated, contradicted by science and by the situation of our world, or even based on unreliable texts. Is this really the case? This book sets out the answers that can be provided, following an original approach:

  • collective writing by French-speaking specialists
  • definition of technical terms and historical perspectives
  • presentation of the different positions and their arguments
  • annoying questions… with answers
  • quotes from thinkers
  • illustrations
  • index

A valuable reference manual for dialogue between believers and non-believers.

Texts: Alain Nisus, Lydia Jaeger, Anne-Catherine Piguet, Anne-Frédérique Caballero, Charles Leroux, Daniel Hillion, Emile Nicole, Frédéric Baudin, Gaël Archinard, Karim Arezki, Laurent Clémenceau, Micaël Razzano, Pierre North, Pierre-Sovann Chauny, Stephanie Clarke, Sylvain Lombet, Thierry Huser, Timothée Minard, Yannick Imbert and Yohann Tourne

ISBN: 9782826035626