A family that makes you want

A family that makes you want

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How can we pass on to our children the spiritual heritage that we would have liked to have? How can we communicate to them a faith that our parents never had or that they did not live consistently? How can we provide them with the safe environment that was not ours?
These are the kinds of questions addressed throughout these pages. Having experienced a difficult childhood herself, Mary DeMuth is well placed to understand the fear that can seize inexperienced parents still marked by the suffering of the past. She provides here not educational methods but practical advice for healing, then transmitting to those entrusted to us what they need to build their lives.
An encouraging, concrete book, illustrated with real-life examples and which includes questions for group study.

Author of several works on the family, of which this is the first translated into French, Mary DeMuth is also a speaker. She is married and the mother of three children. The family lives in Texas.

Contents :

  • Preface
  • Introduction

Part One: Healing from the Past

  1. I'm afraid of ghosts!
  2. I would rather draw a line under the past
  3. You can't imagine how much I suffered!
  4. I won't be like my parents!
  5. What to do the 491st time?
  6. It's time to leave the house
  7. But my parents exasperate me!

Part two: God is with us today

  1. I'm not up to it
  2. And the principles, then?
  3. Can we thank God in all circumstances?
  4. But how should I go about it?
  5. Help, we are incorrigible!
  6. Even if I am unworthy?
  7. We had a good laugh!
  8. Why can't I go to Grandpa's?
  9. Can anyone help me ?

Part Three: Hope for the Future

  1. The desert dust sticks to my shoes!
  2. The wolves are howling outside!
  3. We are all in this together!
  4. And after ?
  • Bibliography

ISBN: 9782940335534