Unshakeable confidence

Unshakeable confidence

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Do you sometimes ask yourself: "Where is God? How can I still believe in him in the face of all the problems that assail me"? You are not the only person asking these kinds of questions and God knows how to answer them. Through this book, Joyce Meyer wants to show you that it is possible to trust God at all times and in all things: in the midst of difficult circumstances; when you are going through an existential crisis; despite your fears and unanswered questions. Page after page, discover how to master life's storms and adversities while keeping peace.

Drawing on biblical examples and his own experiences, Joyce addresses the following themes,

  • how trust is built.
  • why people suffer when God is good.
  • what is God's waiting room.
  • how to deal with doubts.
  • what is the connection between trusting God and seeing positive change in one's own life and the lives of others.

Whether you are dealing with past hurts, difficult life circumstances, or an uncertain future, trust God at all times and in all things. Other people may have disappointed you or abandoned you – God never will!

Author: Joyce Meyer

ISBN: 9783945678411