A Christian approach to the arts

A Christian approach to the arts

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Playground or battlefield?

I wrote this book for two reasons:
Help Christians understand the role of the arts and encourage them to appreciate them.
Encourage Christian artists to fully embrace their talents in order to glorify God through their works.

David Brown makes everyone want to be interested in the arts, whether we are an artist or, on the contrary, whether we have little knowledge in this field.

This book is in fact an encouragement for artists: it will give them avenues to develop their artistic practice, by making proposals for using their talents in their Churches. And it will help all those who wish to know more about art to learn to recognize and appreciate a work, to question themselves and to marvel.

An artistic work is an opportunity to see things differently, to be challenged, to imagine a different life, to “recreate”: so many things that can bring us closer to the One who created everything.

This book will also offer you a very beautiful stroll through painting, literature, films, music. It will certainly make you want to know more about one or the other work cited in this book.

Author: David Brown

ISBN: 9782755004120