Work, curse or Christian value?

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“It’s going like a Monday,” we hear as soon as we arrive at the office, “can’t wait for the weekend.” We associate work, even when we enjoy it, with effort, difficulty, and constraint.

The author of this book summarizes well the ambivalence of this activity; work is a vital necessity for most, it is a pain or even torture for some, but it is also, sometimes, and fortunately, a way of valuing oneself, of being or remaining human beings .

Drawing on the Bible, and with reference to History, the author gives us in this book a Christian perspective of work. How to behave at work when we are Christians, should we consider abandoning our activity to join a Christian ministry? Are there any “contraindicated” professions?

Working is also a wonderful opportunity to get to know our society well, to infuse a Christian perspective into our way of managing wealth, our employees if we have any, our time... In short, it's a great opportunity to highlight the values ​​of Christianity.

Author: Daniel Wittmann

ISBN: 9782863143995