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How to react to a person whose gender identity does not correspond to their biological sex? How should the Christian understand and approach this situation?

We are currently witnessing an undeniable cultural upheaval. Twenty or thirty years ago, same-sex marriage was inconceivable; today, such a union is widely accepted in the Western world. The transgender issue has now become the major social, ethical and cultural subject. She makes the front page of the daily newspapers.

Vaughan Roberts explores the Bible's perspective on this subject to answer the many complex questions surrounding gender identity. This book provides an overview and a starting point for having meaningful discussions in ways that love, serve, and reach transgender people.

Ethics in question is a collection of concise books aimed at helping Christians think about and communicate about important contemporary concerns with compassion, conviction, and wisdom. Bonus: A discussion guide to use alone or in a group.

This book will help you

  • Develop a correct Christian understanding of transgender issues.
  • Approach the subject constructively, with conviction and wisdom.
  • Develop genuine compassion and love for those who struggle with these issues.
  • Discover the love and hope we have in Christ, and share them with those around you.

Book highlights

  • Accessible, practical and concise tool.
  • Current social, ethical and cultural subject.
  • Discussion guide for further reflection, alone or in a group.


  • Anyone who wants to understand the Christian perspective on the transgender issue.
  • Any Christian confronted with the transgender question.
  • Any Christian wishing to form convictions and equip themselves to adopt the right reactions and attitudes when the time comes.

Author: Vaughan Roberts

ISBN: 9782358431408