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Making the Most of a Bad Decision

Making the Most of a Bad Decision

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How to leave your regrets behind, embrace grace, and move forward toward a better future

“I made a mistake that changed the course of my life forever. What to do ? »
“Is it possible to catch up with what went wrong and start again from scratch? »
“Will my situation improve, or have I missed out on what could have been a great future? »

We all make life choices that we later regret, but here's the good news: It is possible to get your life right with God and others and receive a supply of grace for a fresh start.
In Making the Most of a Bad Decision, Erwin Lutzer shows that despite the crooked paths you have followed, there is still a right one, and one that lies just within your reach. Whether your regrets involve a bad marriage, bad financial choices, a career that isn't right for you, or hurting a loved one, you'll be surprised to see how God can use those bad choices to bring all things together. your property and that of others.
As you join Pastor Lutzer for a promising and hopeful new beginning, you will learn, in a practical way, how to make the most of even your most regrettable decisions, while moving toward a better future

Author: Erwin W Lutzer

ISBN: 9782847002201