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Surprised by fear
Surprised by fear
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Surprised by fear

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The key to truly living with God

Pastors who surf pornographic sites.
Arguing church members.
Millennials leaving the church.
The Christian world needs a spiritual and moral awakening.

But for a generation trapped in its addictions, all hope would be lost... if God did not still have the power to transform lives today.

Natha talks to us here about the key to truly living with God. And what he explains is not theory; it’s based on experience. Through what he himself experienced, he was already able to help many find the path to a fulfilling faith.

Through concrete examples, a meticulous analysis of what the Bible says and numerous practical advice, it addresses the following themes:

  • Distancing: Why are millennials leaving the church?
  • Thought about today's world: how to gain clarity as Christians?
  • Pornography & addictions: how to start living a holy life?
  • Distraction & social networks: how to love God with a whole heart every day?
  • The image of God among Christians: how to see God again as described in the Bible?

Natha lives in Switzerland with his wife Henni. Through Crosspaint, his social media ministry, he is helping a visual generation return to the Word of God. Thanks to animated videos, preaching, music and Bible classes, many young people have already been able to rediscover the “fear of the Lord”.

ISBN: 9782826036296