Follow God with all your heart

Follow God with all your heart

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Do you want a more vibrant, more exciting faith?

Elizabeth George invites you to live fully the extraordinary life experience that God offers you. With frankness and humor, she shares with you the journey with God that revolutionized her life and encourages you with inspiration and passion to take hold of biblical truths and to put into practice the points she lists so that you too...

you grew in joy and satisfaction... understanding that God is par excellence the source of happiness?;

you grow in consecration and obedience... by agreeing to commit yourself to God's side with the conviction that it is the best that he wants for you;

you grew in confidence... facing and overcoming everything through Christ?;

you grow in courage... knowing that God will give you the strength and power you need to do what He asks of you?;

you grew in humility... standing firm, understanding that God loves you, is always with you, and is looking for ways to benefit you as you walk with him.

If you dedicate your life to walking with the God who loves you, you can move forward with confidence. Let him lead you! He will give you everything you need, including wholeness, joy, spiritual growth and success.

292 pages

ISBN: 9782847001419