Thirst for the Word

Thirst for the Word

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To read the whole Bible with pleasure

Soif de la parole, a famous guide which has proven itself for more than half a century all over the world (more than a million copies sold) is finally translated into French! It allows daily and personal meditation on the entire Bible. Through his questions, he introduces the reader to the riches of the biblical text. This book was developed with the idea that with a little structure and method, you have a better chance of reaching the end of your reading. And if you stop along the way, it's also easier to get back on a marked path.

Reading the entire Bible is a big challenge, but one worth taking on. Reading the Bible daily means learning to know God a little more each day. To understand the Bible, it is not necessary to have done extensive “theology” studies, nor to delve into numerous biblical commentaries. It is above all in a personal way and with the help of God that we understand its meaning. We also remember better what we discover for ourselves.

For every book of the Bible

  • A clear and accessible introduction
  • A concise plan
  • 1 to 3 questions per chapter, to deepen the biblical text

Using this book allows you to study the entire Bible over a period of 3 years at a rate of approximately 30 minutes per day (for the quickest, a reading calendar also allows you to read it in 1 year or two years ). Of course, it can happen that changes in life disrupt the rhythm we had taken a little; the goal then remains to study the entire Bible, even if it takes more time than expected.

Author: Alan Stibbs

ISBN: 9782863144015