Sermones and forests of all the Bible

Sermones and forests of all the Bible

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Have an infinite archive of forests, with various enfoques, sobre uno de los textos de toda la Biblia, ha sido siempre el sueño de cualquier preacher. Structuring all the texts of the Bible analyzed homiletically, from Genesis 1:1, from Apocalipsis 22:21, facilitating bosquejos para sermones sobre all important texts.

¡A collection of many original and carefully crafted DOS MIL bosquejos in every biblical text in which a pastor has the intention of preaching. There is a majority of key text messages that include various texts with various texts: Devocals, Temáticos, Expositivos, Evangelísticos, etc. We are limited, without exception, as the majority of books of forests, to esbozar the main points of the sermon through a simple esqueleto”; brought the carne.” es decir, las ideas and fundamental thoughts sobre cada one of the points of the forest, all the necessary ones to “learn” the sermon, including the anecdotes.

In its current format and presentation, part of the collection of GREAT OBRAS, this exhaustive collection of bosquejos para sermones, compiled by James Smith and Robert Lee, has been structured in four parts:

  • Sermons and forests in the Antiguo Testamento, colocated in the order of their paths and biblical texts in those based on Genesis in Malaquías.
  • Sermones and bosquejos in the New Testament, colocated in the order of their passages and biblical texts in those based on Mateo al Apocalipsis.
  • Bosquejos temáticos clasificados alphabeticamente.
  • Anecdotes and illustrations. also includes three bus indexes:
  • Keyword index.
  • Index of key versicles.

Indice of titles of the forests thought and confeccionados with the specific proposal to facilitate the preacher the possibility of encountering a forest acorde with our deseos and necessities of preaching on any theme, hasta rayar the limits of the unusual.

You can take part in the reference of a biblical text message; part of a theme or inclusive part simply of a key word… the possibilities of búsqueda son casi infinitas. The pastor who learns to use this enormous library of forests and has all of it to the party that has multiple possibilities of choice, has a verdadero tesoro. Part of the variety of bosquejos para sermones that you have at your disposal, retocandolos and ampliándolos with ideas propias, easily consigue a sermón “personalizado”, a su propio style, sobre cualquier texto de la Biblia, avec un minimo de tiempo y esfuerzo.

A pastor can be preached every day, during all his life, using only combinations of sermons that contain this monumental collection of SERMONES Y BOSQUEJOS SOBRE TODA LA BIBLIA. No, a conocido preacher, refiriéndose a esta obra extraordinaria, exclamó without thinking of his words: “Antes estaría willing to sacrifice, if necessary, the mitad of my library that has quedarme sin este libro”.

ISBN: 9788482674902