Salvaje de Corazón - John Eldredge - 9780881137163

Salvaje de Corazon

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He designed the man to arrive, says John Eldredge.
If not, see the women and the ones written in the heart of all things: Ser héroe, ser guerrero, vivir una vida de ventura y riesgo. Sadly, the mayor abandoned these sueños and anhelos… with the ayuda of a christianism that only seemed to pressure it to be “a good chico”. No many men avoid the church, and those who don't have enough of their pasivos and extreme aburridos. In this provocative book, Eldredge offers women a view of the green heart of men, and allows men to be ser lo que Dios quiso que fueran al diseñarlos: arriesgados, apasionados, vivos y libre.

ISBN: 9780881137163