Tell me the beautiful stories of the Bible

Tell me the beautiful stories of the Bible

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The stories of the Bible are among the oldest of humanity and carry the most exemplary wisdom. This book offers a perfect introduction to the most popular of them: its pages tell them with simplicity and delicacy, while the illustrations in bright and soothing colors bring them back to life to the greatest joy of children.

Contents :

  1. In the Beginning The Garden of Eden
  2. The great flood
  3. Abraham and the promise
  4. Jacob and Esau
  5. Joseph and his dreams
  6. Moses and the people of Israel
  7. Joshua and the land of Canaan
  8. David and Goliath
  9. Jonah and the big fish
  10. Daniel and the lions
  11. Jesus and the Kingdom of God
  12. A storm at sea
  13. The wheat and the weeds
  14. The hole in the roof
  15. The Good Samaritan
  16. The lost and found son
  17. An end and a beginning

ISBN: 9782755001648