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What is hell?

What is hell?

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What the Bible says about hell

Our modern era offers an anomaly. She knows nothing about hell; she claims it is missing but, at the same time, she never stops talking about it! From hoaxes, comics, advertising, swear words and common expressions, to the terror that shines in the eyes of those who are approaching death – yes, hell is still alive!

But where is it? What is it? Was Sartre right? Is there really fire in hell? What is beyond death?

What is beyond MY dead ?

So many questions, so many answers, but still no certainty, no relief. For the world we live in (for me perhaps?), hell remains buried in the great “Perhaps” of Rabelais. This is probably the reason that pushes so many of our fellow human beings to live fully in the present moment because “tomorrow we die”, and…

Yet the Bible speaks about it with clarity and precision, and the surprising message it reveals leaves one thinking. The subject is not academic for anyone, because the day comes… And death affects everyone.

Yes, hell is terrible beyond imagination, and many are rushing into it. But God opened a door, narrow and effective, which allows us not to end up in the place of torment. The sacrifice of the Son of God covers those who believe and protects them from this terrible destination, filled with “weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

In a day of “homeopathic” Christianity – very diluted and very drinkable – the book you hold in your hand is to be hailed as a courageous contribution, and it is to be hoped that it will be a salutary experience for many.

Author: John Blanchard

ISBN: 9781914156052