When the darkness persists: depression

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Even the most faithful and determined Christian can experience periods of depression and spiritual darkness, where joy seems to remain out of reach. It is possible that depression is caused by sin, the attacks of the devil, overwhelming circumstances, or certain hereditary or physical factors. John Piper's goal in When the Darkness Persists is to offer encouragement and guidance to those experiencing episodes of spiritual darkness.

The reader will gain an increased understanding of both the physical causes of depression and spiritual darkness. He will be able to grasp how unconfessed sin can hinder our joy and appreciate the importance of relying on the Lord in dark times. He will learn how it is possible to minister to those who live in such darkness. John Piper uses illustrations from real-life examples and cites touching stories that will provide the reader with ample reason to hope that God will bring them up from this pit of despair to experience the light again.

ISBN: 9782923614069