Pray at all times

Pray at all times

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“Freedom, fullness and true success are not only found in a life steeped in prayer. It means walking so close to God that He can keep you from danger and lead you to safety. »

With personal transparency and insight from Scripture, proven author and speaker Stormie Omartian shares what it means to live with God with depth and authenticity through everyday life. She will show you how

  • live free from all fear and guilt,
  • see the power of God manifested,
  • stand firm in the face of temptation,
  • experience life-changing forgiveness,
  • discern your purpose and achieve the goal.

You were not created to live in bondage, affliction, or failure. God wants you to experience true freedom, fulfillment, and success. Seeking God's presence and praying about every aspect of your life is the key to walking according to His will and great plans for you.

Stormie Omartian is a beloved author who has sold over 13 million copies of her books. She has published numerous works, including the bestseller Parents' prayer is effective , published by Vida.

Contents :

  • What can I do to succeed in my life?
  1. Realize who your father is
  2. Receive everything that Jesus acquired for you by dying for you
  3. Welcome the presence of the Holy Spirit
  4. Take God at His Word
  5. Make Worship a Habit
  6. Pray like your life depends on it
  7. Live in the freedom God calls you to
  8. Seek the Kingdom of God and His Gifts
  9. Maintain a pure heart
  10. Live in forgiveness – God’s and yours
  11. Fear God, but do not live in fear
  12. Replace doubt with unwavering faith
  13. Accept God's will and do it
  14. Identify your purpose and work to achieve it
  15. Rest in God's love
  16. Put your hope in the Lord
  17. Give God’s Way – to Him and Others
  18. Take control of your thoughts
  19. Refuse negative emotions
  20. Treat your body as belonging to God
  21. Trust the Lord who heals you
  22. Say “No Way” to Temptation
  23. Cut short any destructive relationship
  24. Speak life-giving words
  25. Be holy as God is holy
  26. Recognize your enemy
  27. Fast and pray for victory
  28. Hold on in tough times
  29. Act in the power of God
  30. Refuse to give up

ISBN: 9782847002102