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For a thoughtful faith

For a thoughtful faith

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Do you know what you believe? And do you know why you believe it? Do you also know why others believe differently from you? Expounding the Christian faith in a way that is understandable and attractive for young people, useful and captivating for their elders, such is the ambitious objective of this very particular theology manual:

  • a collective writing, which brought seven French-speaking pastors and teachers from various denominations to work together, under the direction of Alain Nisus (professor of systematic theology at the FLTE)

  • definition of technical theology terms and additional information - questions for young people about faith, with answers

  • the presentation of the various positions represented within Christianity and, sometimes, the religions of our world, with their respective arguments

  • overviews of the history of doctrines, with the presentation of the great debates
  • quotes from theologians and other thinkers to “activate neurons”

  • the implication and application of different opinions and doctrines, because we never wanted to lose sight of the question: “Basically, what difference does it make, concretely, to believe this or that?”

  • illustrations full of relevance (we can sometimes even speak of impertinence) by Guido Delameillieure and Alain Auderset, which encourage different thinking

  • a dictionary coupled with an index of themes, as well as an index of biblical references, to "penetrate" into the subject through a precise means. Eleven fundamental areas are thus addressed: God, the Bible, the invisible world, being human, evil, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, salvation, the Church, the end, ethics.

Thanks to this manual, you will see that theology, far from being dry, sterile, drying, elitist, is on the contrary fascinating, accessible and enriching. The better we believe, the better we understand, and the better we understand, the better we believe: a great challenge to take up, for each of us!

Author: Alain Nisus

ISBN: 9782826036180