Forgive your father and mother

Forgive your father and mother

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“In order for our family to prosper, we must know the path of forgiveness and exercise it towards those who had the greatest impact on us: our mother and our father. »
Many of us suffer greatly from a broken relationship with a parent. In a unique style that moves seamlessly from analysis to biblical interpretation and remembrance, Forgiving Your Father and Mother paints portraits of authentic forgiveness and presents diagrams for rebuilding these broken relationships.

Leslie Leyland Fields and Jill Hubbard share their own experiences with forgiveness, bringing comfort and hope to those who struggle with questions like these:

What does the Bible say about forgiveness?
Do we absolutely have to forgive?
How do we honor those who behave dishonorably towards us, especially those who have a strong influence over us, namely our parents?
Can we ever be freed from the “sins of our fathers”?
What is forgiveness in the reality of life?
Do I really need to reintegrate an estranged parent into my life?
How do you forgive a parent who is no longer in this world?
Reading this work will allow you to achieve a greater knowledge of yourself, your parents and God. Finding yourself again, you will discover a space of freedom of which you have no idea today.

ISBN: 9782847002485