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Discover these simple, everyday stories that illuminate deep spiritual truths.

Parables are tools that Jesus used to teach and defend the truth. They all serve to illustrate facts from the Gospel and contain essential lessons that Jesus wanted to transmit to the people of God. In this book, John MacArthur invites us to discover the richness of truth in these stories told by Jesus.

“In this new work, Dr. John MacArthur reorients everything you thought you knew about the parables by explaining their meaning and relevance to the lives of believers. Commenting on these deep and dynamic stories for those inside Christ's kingdom, MacArthur states that the parables do not make the truth known to those outside the kingdom, but they veil it from them. Parables is a fascinating and stimulating book in the way it tears away the thick cloud of exegetical misunderstanding regarding the illustrative pedagogy of Jesus. »
—Steven J. Lawson, president of OnePassion Ministries and professor of homiletics, The Master's Seminary
“After more than 40 years of faithful pastoral ministry, John MacArthur has proven himself to be a trusted guide through Scripture and a knowledgeable commentator on the Word of God. This new work, Parables: The Mysteries of God's Kingdom Revealed through the Stories Jesus Told, is a rich biblical, theological, and meditative presentation of the Lord's parables. »
— R. Albert Mohler, Jr., president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
“In this generation, no one has presented better than John MacArthur a heroic and robust defense of the authority and inspiration of Scripture. I consider this scholar one of the finest biblical commentators of our time. Few have given as much care and attention to the interpretation and application of Jesus' words in the gospels. I wholeheartedly recommend Paraboles. This is a master work that comes to us from a beloved and experienced pastor. »
— RC Sproul, founder and president of Ligonier Ministries

Contents :

  • Thanks
  • Introduction
    • Poor understanding of parables
    • Why parables?
    • Some definitions and details
  1. A grim day in Galilee
    • The Pharisees and the Sabbath
    • Jesus' conflict with the religious elite
    • Miraculous Healing and Deliverance
    • The unforgivable sin
    • The pivotal day continues
  2. A lesson on welcoming the Word
    • A surprisingly simple story
    • Some subtle points to note
    • Be careful how you listen
    • The explanation
  3. A Lesson in the Cost of Discipleship
    • What is the kingdom?
    • Is entry to the kingdom free or paid?
    • The hidden treasure
    • The pearl of great price
    • Six Vital Truths About the Kingdom
  4. A Lesson in Justice and Grace
    • The parable
    • The proverb
    • Lesson
    • The goal
    • The principles
  5. A lesson in loving your neighbor
    • A trick question
    • A hardened heart
    • A gentle response with an unforgettable lesson
    • The dangerous path and aggression
    • The Priest and the Levite
    • Jews and Samaritans
    • The Samaritan's way of loving
    • Unlimited love
  6. A lesson on justification by faith
    • Two men at the temple
    • The problem of sinners
    • Justified!
    • Analysis of the parable
    • Contrasts
    • Similarities
    • The main difference
    • Right with God
    • A brief epilogue
  7. A lesson in loyalty
    • The story of the two servants
    • The ten virgins
    • Talents
    • What unites these parables?
  8. A Lesson in Snake Caution
    • The story
    • The horror
    • The explanation
  9. A lesson about heaven and hell
    • Jesus and the Pharisees
    • The context of this parable
    • Feeling the fear of the Lord
    • Characters
    • The Rich Man's Plea and Abraham's Response
    • Even if a man rose from the dead
  10. A lesson on perseverance in prayer
    • The judge
    • The woman's dilemma
    • Turning
    • The meaning
  • Appendix
    • Stories as effective supports of the truth
    • The Richness of Truth in Jesus' Parables
    • Narrations and proposals
  • Notes
  • Subject index
  • Index of biblical references
  • About the Author

ISBN: 9782890822825