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Peace, happiness, prosperity

Peace, happiness, prosperity

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When Jesus reverses the rules of the game

Chartered accountant, specialist in money management, with personal success in the field, John Thornton had all the assets to write a book on the subject...

However, when he undertook to review the biblical texts on money, Jesus' financial advice completely shook up his ideas.

The fruit of this “upheaval”, the book that you have in your hands not only answers various practical questions that we can ask ourselves (such as: Does God want us to be rich, or does he want us to be poor? Should I give to everyone who asks me? Is it bad to save?), but it also goes well beyond a simple reflection on money, to reorient us towards the most important of all questions : that of the purpose of our life.

Holder of a chartered accountant diploma and a doctorate in accounting, John Thornton is professor of accounting ethics at the Leung School of Accounting , near Los Angeles, part of Azusa Pacific University . A recognized author and speaker, he has published numerous articles in the field of accounting and finance.

Author: John Thornton

ISBN: 9782889130467