Where is your faith?

Where is your faith?

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When you don't understand where God is leading you, where do you place your faith?

Jesus asks all those who want to follow him to believe without seeing. So don't be limited by what you see, but trust in God's promises!

Jon Bloom is author and co-founder of Desiring God ministries. He is with Pam and they have five children.


  • Preface by John Piper
  • A word to the reader
  1. “Where is your faith?”

  2. “I don’t condemn you either.”

  3. She still had to go home

  4. Doubt in the heart of darkness

  5. Demolish your idol

  6. Can you live without knowing?

  7. “I won’t believe”

  8. The night the angel didn't come

  9. Faced with a painful choice

  10. The stables of despair: birthplaces of God's grace

  11. (Un)planned detours

  12. "Do not be afraid"

  13. What does love for God look like?

  14. When a rock slowly sinks into the water!

  15. The faith that Jesus admires

  16. Contentment in the face of our weaknesses

  17. Ask!

  18. “Do you believe that?”

  19. When you don't know which way to go

  20. Jesus chooses and uses the incapable

  21. When a correction from God becomes a reward

  22. A hope for our loved ones who do not believe

  23. When success becomes danger

  24. More than enough

  25. God's purposes contrary to our perceptions

  26. The eyes that Jesus opens first

  27. “What I do, you don’t understand now”

  28. Staying faithful when everything gets worse and worse

  29. Serve in the shadows where God has placed you

  30. The day of your deliverance is fixed

  31. Was Jesus worth it?

  32. A powerful and pragmatic pawn in the hands of Providence

  33. "Follow me"

  34. When following Jesus means going home

ISBN: 9782924595190