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Dare to live

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Collection of conferences given as part of the Femmes 2000 meetings

True hidden treasures, the conferences given during the congresses of the “Women 2000…” association deserved to be brought to the attention of as many people as possible.

“Women 2000…” wishes to bring together and encourage Christian women involved in the Church and in society. As a good model of respect and unity, she called on speakers of very diverse style, sensitivity, origin and commitment.

The result is a very rich book on varied themes. Among these, you will find:

  • the theological and sociological approach to women and their role,
  • the approach of God in his sometimes confusing ways,
  • the responsible attitude in the face of trials and discouragement,
  • reconciliation and forgiveness,
  • the approach to differences,
  • the concrete and daily living of the values ​​of the gospel...

This series of interventions will be ideal for personal meditations or for use in reflection and prayer groups. Support and recognition for women in positions of responsibility.

This book is sponsored by the “Women 2000…” association. This aims to organize events, in the French-speaking and Latin world, to allow committed women to meet, to be informed and encouraged, inspired by the gospel, while respecting the opinions and free choice of the participants, and to transmit further what they received.

ISBN: 9782863143681