Odyssey at the heart of the Bible

Odyssey at the heart of the Bible

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20 adventures in biblical times

Get ready to experience a great epic!

This journey to the heart of the Bible begins at the very beginning of history, with the creation of the world. He will then take you to discover the fascinating countries of the ancient Near East: Canaan, Egypt, Assyria, Babylon and Persia.

Throughout the destinations, you will sometimes find yourself in the countryside – in the desert or on a farm – sometimes within the walls of sumptuous cities with sparkling buildings.

You will meet people at work, at war or in the Temple.

When your journey reaches its climax, you will discover the mighty Roman Empire and visit the places where Jesus lived. You will end your journey by following in the footsteps of the disciples of Jesus, who went to announce the Good News throughout the world.

Author: Lois Rock

ISBN: 9782755001358