Interlinear New Testament Greek - French

Interlinear New Testament Greek - French

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Including the text of the Novum Testamentum graece Nestle-Aland (NA28), a word-for-word interlinear translation, and at the bottom of the page the text of the TOB, 2010 edition, and of the Bible in current French.


General introduction explaining the principles and choices of the work and giving advice on use.
Differences due to variations in manuscripts
Notes on various difficulties: use of the definite article, agreement of verbs, use and translation of the subjunctive, translation of indicative tenses, tenses and aspects, translation of participles, voice, connecting words, direct and indirect style, some idiomatic turns of phrase, details on vocabulary and translation choices, etc.
Phonetic elements for conjugation
Analysis of 26 frequent verbs

ISBN: 9782853002691