Our life goal: to accomplish God's will

Our life goal: to accomplish God's will

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Do you have a clear, purposeful purpose in your life, or are you simply carried away by the currents of habits and trends? Nothing is more tragic than living without a clear purpose. Even if you possess special talents, intelligence, and abilities, your life may end in frustration if you have not accomplished things of eternal value.

In this book, you will discover one of the greatest benefits of the Christian life as God designed it: it gives us purpose in life through our faith in Christ. You will learn :

– That Jesus is our model;
– That his supreme motivation was to do the divine will;
– How doing God’s will can bring us restoration;
– How to follow the example of Jesus.

Enter the work that God prepared for you before the foundation of the world, aiming to do His will!

Author: Derek Prince

ISBN: 9782360050369