Our Relationships: Complicated Blessings

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Hope for complicated relationships poisoned by conflict. Your best friend is suddenly distant. Your spouse constantly complains about your bad habits. Your son refuses to talk to you. What to do? We are tempted to run away, but must recognize that God uses these complicated relationships to teach us how to love and receive love.

Impossible? Unrealistic? In Relationships: Complicated Blessings, Tim Lane and Paul Tripp show us how to approach the persistent difficulties that plague many relationships. They reveal to us the underlying issues motivating our reactions, choices, and behavior while explaining to us how God intervenes to help us build relationships fully in accordance with His will.

“This book is not another simplistic relationship manual, offering theoretical methods and processes for replicating what someone else says is the ideal relationship. Instead, Tim Lane and Paul Tripp introduce us to Christ crucified – the power and wisdom of God to redeem our relationships and radically transform many families and friendships...”

Bob Inglis, member of the US House of Representatives.

“Paul Tripp and Tim Lane use deep, Christ-centered thinking and years of counseling experience to bring hope and concrete answers to people in less-than-perfect relationships. »

Elyse Fitzpatrick, Women Helping Women

ISBN: 9782924110171