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Maturing without aging

Maturing without aging

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Life is a journey that consists of different seasons. Everything is beautiful in its time and there is so much to discover. However, every day we get older and often we struggle to face this truth – for different reasons.

We may be afraid of the physical and mental changes that come with aging or we may be too busy to think about them. So it was for Joyce Meyer. She lived her life at a fast pace. It took several health problems before she realized that she had to learn to adapt her workload to the reality of her age. With transparency and honesty, she recounts the ups and downs of this process. Based on her personal experience, she explains how, with God's help, it is possible to lead a fulfilling life at any age and to enjoy old age peacefully, to "Mature without getting old".
• Learn to take the right actions today that will help you when you get older.
• Discover the influence of your attitude, your way of thinking and your words.
• Listen to your body and adopt new habits.
• Become spiritually strong and recognize God's plan for the second half of your life.
Whatever season of life you are in, choose to advance in age with joy, determination and wisdom

Author: Joyce Meyer

ISBN: 9783948795214