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Ladies accept our apologies

Ladies accept our apologies

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“Why is the Bible misogynistic? »
“Is God masculine? »
“Is woman in the image of God? »
“Was Eve more guilty of the first sin than Adam? »
“Why does Paul silence women? »

Drawing on years of relationships with students and women's groups, as well as a deep knowledge of feminist literature, Ann Brown answers these questions and tackles the subject head-on.

Her book is an apology for femininity. She confesses that the Bible has often been wrongly used to devalue women; she justifies it with numerous examples taken from Christian literature and art over the centuries. But she also forcefully defends an authentic biblical point of view that elevates and emancipates women.

Ladies, accept our apologies is not an abstract and detached study of contingencies, but a response to the difficulties that countless women encounter in contact with Christian culture.

Ann Brown has lectured extensively on the subject of 'Women and Christianity' to groups of students and women in the UK and throughout Europe. With her husband Lindsay, she actively campaigned for years within IFES, a Christian student association to which the GBU depends. They live in Cardiff, England.

Contents :

  • Thanks
  • Prologue: A cause to plead
  1. Who is it ?
  2. Is God male?
  3. Marie, an ambivalent ideal
  4. All kinds of nonsense
  5. Quarrels over Genesis 3
  6. Notes on patriarchy
  7. Was Jesus a revolutionary?
  8. Controversies surrounding Paul's writings
  • Epilogue: The Good News announced to women
  • Bibliography
  • Bible Index
  • Index of names and subjects
  • Index of illustrations
  • Contents

ISBN: 9782921840149