Clean hands / pure hearts

Clean hands / pure hearts

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Hillsong in French

Hillsong is passionate about creating music that resonates from villages and tribes to great cities and nations, inviting the people of the Earth to worship the King of Kings. We pray that these French recordings may bless people and churches alike as they worship Jesus Christ in spirit and truth.

This new project is an album of 12 songs which covers in French titles from the albums Awake (Hillsong Worship), People (Hillsong UNITED) & III (Hillsong Young & Free).


  1. From the shadow to the light
  2. Awaken my soul
  3. What Grace
  4. Kings of kings
  5. Hold my heart
  6. As I am
  7. Come alive
  8. The heart of God
  9. Pure
  10. Only you
  11. There in the fire
  12. If the past spoke

ISBN: 9320428339294