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Collection: Heroes of Faith

He suddenly saw, spread out in front of him, a very large map of the world. He blinked, but the card was still there. Soon it was covered with waves which broke on all the shores. Then the waves transformed into the faces of young people crossing the nations. Had he somehow received a glimpse of what the future would be like? If so, what role would he be called upon to play?
Even when he was very young, he dreamed of writing “God is love” on the moon so that everyone could see it. Since then, Loren Cunningham has dedicated his life to spreading the good news of Jesus Christ throughout the world, ministering to every nation on earth.
Unwavering in his belief that nothing is impossible with God, he has seen this vision of waves of young people become a reality through Youth With A Mission, enabling young Christians to engage in mission at a time when this is not the case. was not happening yet. Today thousands of Christians, young and old, work together, within the framework of the organization he created, to announce the Gospel to the whole world.

Author: Janet Benge and Geoff Benge

ISBN: 9782881501173