The Gospel according to Paul

The Gospel according to Paul

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What does Paul really teach about the Good News of Jesus?

In his letters to the early Church, the Apostle Paul wrote a number of passages that summarize the gospel message in a few carefully chosen words. Each of these key texts reveals a fundamental aspect of the Good News of Jesus Christ. The chapters in this book examine, verse by verse, these essential gospel texts.

In this work, John MacArthur addresses questions such as:
• What is the Gospel?
• What elements are at the heart of its message?
• How can we be sure we have understood it correctly?
• How should believers share the Good News?

As always, John MacArthur's answers are clear, compelling, thoughtful, easy to grasp, and, above all, deeply biblical. The Gospel according to Paul is written in an accessible style that will be appreciated by seasoned pastors as well as those with very little knowledge of the Bible.

Author: John Macarthur

ISBN: 9782890824379