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The depths of the Father's heart
The depths of the Father's heart
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The depths of the Father's heart

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Know God differently...

I am not one of those who regularly have spiritual visions. In reality, I never had one with my own eyes, but one day a vision came to me, in my imagination.

I found myself transported to the foot of the cross of Jesus. Faced with this horrific scene, we were all completely shocked to see the one we all loved, suffering horribly and dying in such a cruel way.

When suddenly the voice of the heavenly Father called out to me: “I too am witnessing this terrible scene, like a Father, with a broken heart, who must watch his beloved Son die in the greatest agony…”

The Heavenly Father had just made me experience his emotion at the death of his Son, his only Son.

Since that day, I have been awakened like never before to the sensitivity of the Heavenly Father and I have felt the deep desire to seek to know the heart of the Father.

The first line of thought that would allow me to understand who, for me, this mysterious heavenly Father was seemed obvious to me: The only Son, Jesus Christ himself, the perfect reflection of the Father, “the image of the invisible God” .

Then, my reflection led me to consider the other image of God: the human being.

There is a very well-known and often repeated biblical truth: that man is created in the image of God.

Unfortunately, in his sinful state, all resemblance to the Heavenly Father was lost.

The quest for the depths of the Father's heart from his image, man, can therefore in no case be based on the natural man, nor on the carnal man of which the apostle Paul speaks to us.

The true son of God is one who walks by the Spirit according to the fruit of the Spirit manifested in a person's life – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control (Galatians 5.22).

We therefore find, with this new man in Jesus Christ, the image of the Father who will help us to discover the very heart of our heavenly Father.

It was with great ardor that I began to look closely at every verse in the New Testament that refers to the Father.

The fruit of this work? you have it in your hands!

I dare to hope that this journey into the depths of the Father's heart, if he allows it, will lead us towards a relationship of intimacy with “Our Father who art in heaven. »

Author: Vincent Esterman

ISBN: 9782880272432