The pages of a life

The pages of a life

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Know your history, shape your future

“Everyone’s life is a story. But many people don't know how to read their lives in a way that allows them to understand it. They miss the true meaning of their existence and fail to see how God wrote it to reveal Himself and His own story. »

You are seeking God's direction at a pivotal moment in your life and the road ahead seems long and confusing...
What if you started by rereading the pages of your life with Dan Allender? You will be surprised by everything they will reveal to you about God and yourself.
Personal history is undoubtedly the element that most shapes everyone's vision, tendencies and decisions. The pages of a life helps us understand this process. By listening to your experiences and writing the story of your past, it is possible to finally approach the future with serenity.

In this work, which stands out greatly from the usual reflections on the will of God, the author invites us to dwell on each chapter, happy or painful, of our existence in order to understand the reasons for our wounds or the joy that animates us. and to glimpse meaning in our seemingly chaotic journey.

God is our Author, and he invites us to join him in helping to write the remaining chapters of our lives.

Author: Dan Allender

ISBN: 9782863143506