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The mysteries of the Apocalypse

The mysteries of the Apocalypse

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An investigation into the most fascinating book in history

The Apocalypse of John opens with a set of seven letters sent to a community of 7 churches located in present-day Turkey and of which John was responsible.

Over the centuries, the term Apocalypse has taken on a negative connotation, having moved it away from its original meaning to evoke a cataclysmic and destructive catastrophe. This word has “become popular for the wrong reasons.”

The first key to understanding that we offer the reader in this book to better understand the mysteries of the prophecies of the Apocalypse is to refer to the Scriptures (the Old Testament) which was the Bible of Jesus and John. To understand the New Testament, it is indeed appropriate to ask how the people of Israel understood and interpreted the teachings of Jesus and the apostles in their time.

The second key, allowing a more complete understanding of the text, is the consideration of the historical and political context of the time the text was written. In the 1st century, the Roman Empire was all-powerful and persecuted, sometimes with extreme violence, the disciples of Jesus Christ. This strongly influenced the author and style of the book. Finally, the third key proposed is to consider the book of Revelation as a sort of synthesis, a summary of the eschatological prophecies present throughout the Bible - to the point of sometimes almost paraphrasing certain passages of Scripture.

Far from claiming to provide the absolute truth, these three major keys nevertheless help to decipher the true meaning of the text and thus to understand a little better the allusions and other symbolisms. Thus history, archeology and culture anchor the book in reality. This unveiling thus gives the Book a context which speaks, with great relevance, to our generation, as if through a mirror effect...

Editor's note

This book comes from the writing notes which were used to produce the documentary series The 7 Churches of the Apocalypse. The authors, Jean-Marc Thobois and Christophe Hanauer have synthesized their research work in this work in two parts: a general commentary on the end times and exhaustive commentary on the seven letters or seven churches. This work is complementary to the cinematographic work which required three years of work.

Author: Jean-Marc Thobois and Hanauer Christophe

ISBN: 9791097546199