The foundations !

The foundations !

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This teaching manual contains twelve lessons on the foundations of Christian living, intended for anyone who works with children.

Basically, these lessons were designed for Club Touzazimut, but can easily be used in other contexts. Whether for Christian education, for neighborhood clubs for children, etc. Each lesson has been adapted to be presented in all settings, in order to reach as many listeners as possible. You will find several themes there, such as:
- Do I really know God?
- The Bible: a book of instructions
- To pray is to speak with God
- God exists, what if it were true?
- Faith is trusting God and more.

We believe that these lessons will be able to support your work with children aged 6 to 12 in the French-speaking world! So, take out your childish heart and go meet them!

ISBN: 9782981140050