Angels really exist

Angels really exist

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Angels have been and STILL ARE active agents of the Kingdom of God

Over the centuries, angels have served God's people as messengers, protectors, and more. -Sometimes their presence is as discreet as the whisper of the wind. At other times, it is as bright as the sun.
In this remarkable work, Judith -MacNutt lifts the veil on these fascinating celestial beings. It offers teaching enriched with numerous testimonies of miraculous encounters revealing what the Bible says about:
* what angels look like
* what they do and how they act
*why they are important in the lives of believers
* the celestial hierarchy
* what are fallen angels
* and more…
When you begin to understand the importance of angels in
service to God and believers, you will be better able to understand God's power, love and protection.

Judith MacNutt has worked as a liberal psychologist and in a hospital setting. For decades, she combined psychotherapy with healing prayer. Combining her spiritual gifts with those of her husband Francis MacNutt, she helped found a unique and pioneering healing ministry: Christian Healing Ministries. They live in Jacksonville, Florida.

ISBN: 9782847002300