The chords of David's harp

The chords of David's harp

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Perhaps you are frustrated and frustrated. So pay attention to these principles of God , meditate on them, put them into practice; they will produce results in your life. God himself guarantees you success.

This is how it is expressed Derek Prince (died 2003), world-renowned teacher of the word of God, who, during his ministry which lasted more than 60 years, put into practice the principle contained in Psalm 1. Meditate with him as you go through these 101 topics grouping together 7 major themes:

  • The eternal majesty of God
  • Prayer and praise
  • Know the ways of God
  • Pressure times
  • God's perfect care
  • The Word in action
  • Time and eternity

And now, with Derek Prince, grab hold of promises of God towards those who want to feed on his Word. May it restore your soul, make you wise, rejoice your heart and enlighten your step!

Author: Derek Prince

ISBN: 9782911537289