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The path of life

The path of life

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The richness of Psalm 119 

Psalm 119 intimidates believers. It is very long, and we often look at it as a simple litany of couplets with no relation to each other, a sort of disjointed lament, where the author goes around in circles in the midst of his dismay.

The impression is misleading because this Psalm actually reflects the reality of what life is like for the believer in this world of sorrow. Above all, it presents the solid foundation which allows us not only to endure the hazards of this present life, but to do so with spiritual balance and solid trust in God, things which allow us to emerge victorious from difficulties.

The present century is obsessed with immediate pleasure and happiness. Omnipresent are the lies that make him dangle before the bewitched gaze of modern man. But the reality is not like that. Most of the time, life here on earth is hard and painful.

How to cope then? Is it possible to experience true happiness, even amid the difficulties of this life? This is where, among other things, Psalm 119 proves to be of unusual richness. Yes, it is indeed a lament, but within the framework of the grace of Almighty God.

The author follows the psalmist through his ups and downs to show how he expresses what he feels in this song of the soul. There is comfort to overcome sorrow, strength to overcome difficulty, faith for the day of uncertainty, and peace to overcome anxiety.

In his extremity, the psalmist finds his joy in the God of grace. This is how Jesus himself persevered and won the victory of the cross. In Christ, the believer can also live this Psalm, follow the path of life and find blessing, even in the time of lament

Author: Stephen Yuille

ISBN: 9781914156076