The new testament New French Current version (NFC)

The new testament New French Current version (NFC)

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New French Current

Soft cover, paperback binding

The “New French Current” (NFC) is a careful revision of the very popular French Current version. This is an interfaith review. It was translated and revised by nearly sixty recognized specialists from different backgrounds. This revision is intended to be accessible, its language is clear, fluid and contemporary. This is a complete and faithful version, which translates all the original texts with rigor and respect.

Accessible - The NFC version is made for a wide audience and does not require any prior knowledge. His language is current, expressive and accessible.

Full-text- The NFC contains the full text, established on the best ancient manuscripts, accepted by all.

Authentic- Translation always seeks to render the authentic meaning of the original languages ​​for today's reader.

With illustrations by Annie Vallotton, introduction to each book, chapter and section headers, Fantabs, maps, vocabulary.

Paperback binding, 10.8 x 16.5 cm

ISBN: 9781771242936