Worship in the Bible and in history

Worship in the Bible and in history

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Worship is the main activity of the Church.

What is worship? What is its main purpose? Why do we go to worship? What do the words praise and adoration mean?

Our standard is the Bible. We therefore have every interest in learning about the way in which worship was celebrated in biblical times.

  • Worship in the time of the patriarchs
  • Worship at the tabernacle
  • Worship at the Temple
  • Synagogue worship
  • Worship in the New Testament.

How, throughout History, have Christians celebrated their worship?

  • During the first centuries?
  • In the Middle Ages, at the time of the Reformation?
  • In the different Churches until today?
  • What about our personal worship? Of our family worship?

This book tries to answer these different questions that every Christian asks himself or should ask himself.

A prominent figure in the French-speaking evangelical world, Alfred Kuen (1921-2018) taught for more than thirty years at the Emmaüs Biblical and Missionary Institute, where he also directed Emmaüs editions. A prolific author with more than 60 works from his pen, he was able to give French-speaking evangelical Protestantism a number of introductory and popular works that are still read today.

Author: Alfred Kuen

ISBN: 9782940488384