Children's love languages ​​- Pocket Format

Children's love languages ​​- Pocket Format

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Do you express love in language your child understands?

Just like an adult, each child expresses and perceives love through a dominant communication style. The problem arises when parents and children do not speak the same “language”. But a language can be learned. Mothers and fathers can use the information in this book to help them meet the emotional needs of their children.

In The Languages ​​of Love , Gary Chapman helped many spouses experience a more enriching relationship by showing them how to speak each other's language. In Love Languages ​​of Children , Chapman teams up with Ross Campbell, the author of How to Truly Love Your Child , to help parents speak their children's love language.

You can learn to speak your child's love language fluently!

Discover its main language:

  • Empowering words
  • Quality moments
  • Gifts
  • Services provided
  • Physical touch

Learn how to effectively communicate to your child feelings of respect, affection and commitment that will allow them to live with the assurance of your unconditional love.

ISBN: 9782863144657