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The treason

The treason

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A novel from the 11th district

- fraternity suite

Detective Boone Drake has just orchestrated the largest raid in the history of the Chicago Police Department. The operation decimated not only the city's major street gangs, but also the old crime syndicate.

This is the most important case in decades and protecting the key witness becomes the Chicago Police Department's top priority. His transfer for his appearance before a grand jury is organized in the greatest secrecy. However, despite infinite precautions, the witness narrowly escapes an attack.

It soon becomes clear that the leak came from the ranks of the police themselves: someone from "house" provided information to the shooter. As the evidence mounts, each more damning than the last, and suspicions draw dangerously close, Boone no longer knows who to believe. An investigation reveals that the traitor could be someone very close to himself. Unless the culprits are trying to cover up a corruption case affecting the highest levels of the police.

Misplaced confidence could prove disastrous for Boone.

Author: Jerry Jenkins

ISBN: 9782847002409