Children's spirituality

Children's spirituality

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Children's spirituality is not only expressed through verbal expression but also through symbolic language. The author therefore encourages adults to observe them carefully when they talk about their perception of faith, their vision of God in their own terms, often colorful, sometimes disturbing.

This book shows the importance of giving children a space adapted to their interiority so that they can confidently develop their personal understanding of faith. We are invited, for example, to be attentive to children's reactions (positive and negative) to stories from the Bible and to give free rein to their imagination by offering them several modes of expression to illustrate what they remember from them ( painting, crafts, games, etc.).

It is an introduction to the subject, concise and very accessible, the author mixing theories and practical advice. It thus addresses several themes:

The child's innate aptitude for spirituality.
How can we concretely help a child express themselves about their inner life and appreciate its richness?
How to support a child at the dawn of his spiritual development?
What is the role of Christian education in child development?
Each chapter offers questions for reflection and group discussion. A resource book intended for parents, teachers, instructors and catechists.

ISBN: 9782356140722