A husband's prayer is effective

A husband's prayer is effective

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Sir, what do you really want for your marriage?

You love your wife, and you wanted nothing more than to see her happy, fulfilled, and grow with her... There is no better way to show her your love than to pray for her.

In “A Spouse's Prayer is Effective,” you will discover joy and hope as soon as you invite God into your marriage. Even in the midst of a relationship damaged by injury or wear and tear, God can work far beyond what you imagine. In reality, he can do the impossible?!

Because men are different from women, Stormie Omartian will help you intercede for your wife in areas where she needs to be assured of your prayerful support:

– his emotions and moods,

– her role as mother and wife,

– his sexuality,

– his decisions,

– his spiritual life.

Advice, anecdotes, prayer ideas and words from the Bible are also offered to accompany you in your intercession.

As you deepen your relationship with God through prayer, He will guide you and your spouse to new marital fulfillment and daily happiness! Yes it's possible.

Author: Stormie Omartian

ISBN: 9782383912200