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Prayer is a friendship that satisfies. Prayer puts our heart in tune with that of God. Prayer is the key to our being and our action. We must learn to pray. It is a necessity.

Prayer is a wonder, an intimacy and a struggle; but also an approach to reality. Nothing is more important, difficult, rewarding or life-transforming. Nothing beats prayer, absolutely nothing.

Timothy Keller analyzes the past and contemporary practices of different religions in a precise and nuanced manner. He teaches us the joy of praying and meditating on the Scriptures as Augustine, Luther and Calvin did. He is particularly interested in the Our Father and the Psalms.

Keller presents prayer from its theological, methodological and also practical angles. A unique book which does not claim to deliver the key or the secret of prayer. It offers real practical and biblical tools to renew one's prayer life in order to experience growing wonder in intimacy with God.

Timothy Keller studied at Gordon-Conwell University and Westminster School of Divinity. He is the New York pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church, which he established in 1989 with his wife Kathy and their three sons. Today, the Church of the Redeemer is regularly attended by nearly five thousand people. It has many partner churches and supports the birth of new assemblies in several metropolises. Timothy Keller is the author of numerous books including Reason Is for God , Idols of the Heart , Marriage , Jesus, A Different Kingdom and Suffering .

Contents :

  • Introduction

Part One: Having the Desire to Pray

  1. Pray: a necessity
  2. The greatness of prayer

Part Two: Understanding Prayer

  1. What is prayer?
  2. Talk with God
  3. Meet God

Part Three: Learning to Pray

  1. Letters on prayer
  2. The rules of prayer
  3. The prayer par excellence[/li
  4. Touchstones of Prayer

Part four: Deepening your prayer life

  1. Like a conversation: meditate on his Word
  2. Like an encounter: seeking his face

Part Five: The Practice of Prayer

  1. An admiration mixed with respect: praising his glory
  2. Intimacy: discovering its grace
  3. Fight: beg for help
  4. Put into practice: daily prayer
  • Appendix: Other Examples of Organizing Personal Worship
  • Thanks
  • Selected and commented bibliography on prayer
  • About the Author
  • Notes

ISBN: 9782358430425